As a well-trained team of consultants, ICS takes pride in its ability to assist you in your network and IT needs on site at your place of business, or even your home. Because of our experience in the field we can give you hones and qualified opinions of your current systems and recommend changes that may be necessary to enable your company to have better processing speeds, network speeds, network security and the physical infrastructure necessary for your company and system to operate at its peak. Also, because of our experience you can be sure you are getting the latest high quality components that will ensure your business success into the future. We know that with our experience and knowledge that we are an honest team you can trust.

Network Layout Design
Planning out your network design can be a difficult task, but with the expertise of ICS, we can design an infrastructure you know you can rely on for years to come. Call ICS today for a consultation to discuss your design and installation needs.

Wire & Hardware Installations

With today's changing technology requirements and standards it is important to ensure that your current system is delivering the speed and reliability your business needs. With our knowledge of current standards and speed requirements we can help you select the proper wire and hardware necessary to meet your business requirements to keep your business running smoothly. At ICS, we are also able to assist you in your network printer and fax services, allowing your company to run more efficiently using these shared resources.
Integrated Computing Solution Services

Server & Client Services
We can install and configure your servers and clients to properly work and communicate with each other as well as provide the necessary maintenance so you can be sure you are getting the maximum usage out of your computers and other hardware. We have many years of experience with servers and are confident we can configure your network to help it run most efficiently and meet your needs best. Although our main expertise is with Microsoft Operating Systems and applications, we have experience with other operating systems, including Mac OS X and Linux. This broad range of knowledge allows us to support you best, no matter what your current infrastructure is. Our knowledge of these different systems also allows us to assist our clients in data and system conversions that are necessary when either upgrading their current information systems or even moving to completely new platforms.

Network Setup & Configuration
We can assist you in your complete network setup or work with you to make improvements in your current system. We have experience with many different VPN routers, switches, modems and servers. Whether you are looking to install a new server, speed up your current server or troubleshoot current networking problems we can assist you and work to meet your needs.

Dell Certified Partner
ICS is a certified Dell partner, which means we can get you the high quality hardware and components you need. With our business relationship with Dell you can take advantage of our special pricing, extended warranties and other benefits of being a partner.
Dell Certified Partner
Network Analysis & Maintenance
Among the most important things, a company can do is provide constant maintenance on its network to ensure that all the systems and services are running properly. ICS can help you ensure that your system is running securely and is being protected from the inside of your office as well as out. We can run tests on your network and perform maintenance to ensure that your system is running efficiently. This maintenance can protect your business and its hardware from threats and other causes that could otherwise lead to your data being lost or your system failing prematurley.

Do you have a virus? We have experience removing even the toughest viruses. We use the latest tools that identify and isolate the viruses, trojans, worms and adware/spyware and then extract them from your hard drive, removing all the malware so it does not replicate itself in any way.

Website Design
At ICS we can provide you with a custom website that will meet the needs of your current business and also in the future. We can handle the entire process of creating a website with a new URL or assist you with your current one to make updates or changes you would like. With our experience in HTML and CSS you can know that you'll be getting a site you can be proud to show your clients for years to come.

On-Site & Remote Support
As our client, we are proud to be able to provide you with support 24/7, providing you with the peace and assurance knowing that you can be assisted immediately. Because of today's technology resources we are able to offer remote support and training, allowing us to assist you virtually anywhere around the world, on your own schedule. This allows you to get the support when you need and not sacrifice unnecessary time and resources that may otherwise be required for traditional on-site visits.


Our Goal

At ICS, we take pride in working hard, being honest and making sure our clients are happy. Our hallmark is putting our clients' needs first. ICS continues to add value and profitability to our clients by using our more than 20 years of experience. By doing this, we have helped our clients gain and maintain a significant competitive advantage.


We offer a variety of services to fit your IT and software needs. We have the experience, knowledge and resources to take your business to the next level.

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