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- Microsoft SQL Server Database
- Real Time
- Windows Look & Feel
- User-Friendly
- Fully Integrated Suite
- Accounting
- User-Friendly

Service Dispatch

- Quickly assign and track your calls
- User-definable board to customize what you want to see
- Time stamp labor, travel and on-site automatically
- Interface to MapQuest for easy mapping and directions
- Costs flow from service to job cost with all costs
- Post hours from service work orders to payroll automatically
- Quick site/customer management from dispatch board
- Easily customize formats the way you want them to look
- User definable labor rates and markup tables
- Fully integrated with all modules

Ventus Software - Dispatch Board

Ventus Software - Job Costing

Job Costing

- Drill down to cost types and transaction detail from one screen
- Setup beginning budget entries from the estimating module
- Track units, assemblies, actual cost and committed cost by job
- Edit and audit trail of entries for verification before posting
- Detailed change order tracking
- Easily transfer inventory used to jobs
- Flexibility in formatting jobs and breakdowns
- Divisions, phases and subphases
- Powerful reports
- Budget worksheet produced to facilitate the original setup of a job
- Job template allos you to save setup time by copying another job
- Unlimited number of jobs
- Create and copy markup templates fast and easy with T&M billing
- Fully integrated with all modules

Accounting & Payroll
- Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger
- Quick Dashboard gives management a snapshot of business
- Produce on-demand financial statements
- Easily reprint invoices and statements
- 1099 reporting for vendors and subcontractors
- Powerful reporting to print and/or create the reports you need
- Automatically handles federal, state and local tax calculations
- Easily generate reports like EEO reports, 941's and W-2's
- Time card entry, direct deposit and more powerful options
- Eliminates manual errors and double/triple entries
- Quickly submit payroll reports
- Ensures accuracy and confidence payroll was done right
- Fully integrated with all modules

Ventus Software - Accounting & Payroll

Ventus Software - Mobile Data

Mobile Data

- Eliminate duplicate entry by staff in the office
- Increase productivity by streamlining communication
- Reduce transportation and mileage costs
- Reduce time spent on the phone with dispatch
- Simplify dispatching using a one-click process
- Improve cash flow through quicker invoice turnaround
- Ability for technician to email the invoice while on-site
- Ability for technician to print the invoice while on-site
- Capture the customer signature and print on the invoice
- Equipment, history and service records
- Option for technician to create tickets and PO's from the field
- Location tracking, turn by turn directions and GPS tracking


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