The ability to create the dispatch board itself from colors down to filter sizes needed is great!

Dee Dee Dollof
Tom's Mechanical


From the CEO to the Project Managers, Ventus helps me provide information to help them manage their respective areas.  And when special information requests are made, I find it straight-forward to extract specialized information in a timely fashion.

Scott Wiersma, CFO
Van Dyken Mechanical, Inc


Using the Field Mobile Service application has enabled us to rapidly turn work tickets into invoices, improving our cash flow and profitability.

Tony Strickland, Service Manager
Petroleum Services Group


The Service Management application has provided me the ability to quickly monitor our resources needed, both manpower and parts, in order to provide our customers with excellent service.

Tony Strickland, Service Manager
Petroleum Services Group


It's easy to keep Ventus updated with the latest features available.  When needed, their support staff is second to none.

Jackie Pavlinic, Executive Director of IT
Roth Brothers, Inc.


Thanks to the integration between different modules within the software, I’ve been able to reduce the amount of time I spend compiling reports for invoicing by 80%.

Katherine McDonald
Superior Petroleum Services, Inc.


Having our items bar coded allowed us to complete a physical inventory of the largest of our five branch warehouses in just 72 man hours. This inventory had taken as much as 208 man hours in the past.

Mark Barron, President
Petroleum Solutions, Inc.


It’s nice to know we can continue to use the same software and support team for many years to come thus saving us time and money while maintaining a state of the art system.

Merrill Crawford, President
Charlie's Plumbing


The new dispatch board with its many research options lets our dispatchers see as much or as little information on a site location as they need from paid invoices to service history.

Dee Dee Dolloff,
Tom's Mechanical


I use a team approach in running and managing our company.  I consider the people at VMS and Ventus Software an important part of our team.

Kelly Vaughn, CEO
The Service Company of Mississippi








Fishbowl Inventory Control is the best inventory software solution for small to medium sized businesses using QuickBooks. I have been using Fishbowl Inventory for a year, and it has completely transformed the task of inventory control in my company. Fishbowl Inventory has several unique features that have helped make my inventory control an easy process. The most unique feature of Fishbowl Inventory is called the configurator. The configurator makes it possible to have different types of items in a bill of materials. The types of items available are standard, variable, optional, and optional variable. Standard bill of material items are items that are always part of the bill of materials and are always used in the same quantity. Variable items are items that are always part of the bill of materials but the quantity may vary. Optional items are items that can be grouped into a list where you can choose one of the items from the list in a preset quantity. Optional variable items are a combination of variable and optional types. When an item is added to a Sales Order that has a bill of materials, which includes items other than the standard type, a configuration wizard walks you through the variable and optional components and allows you to customize the finished good for each customer.

Chris Connors
Backyard Adventures


We started using Fishbowl inventory with QB's nearly 4 years ago as a somewhat small company. We have now grown to a $17M company and within the next 3 years will hit over $60M. Fishbowl integrated with QuickBooks worked great in the beginning and will work great when we are a $60M company. I love the fact that the sensitive accounting aspects of the company are separate from the materials management portion of the company. At any one time we will have 5 or 6 users on QB's with as many as 50 users on FBI with great performance. We love our combination of QBs and FBI. I do not see us ever changing as both QB's and FBI seem to grow with us.

Chuck Hale, President
BC Technical


We got a quality piece of software, but more importantly, a team of "can do" people who are incredibly competent, positive, client focused and I really felt that they were invested in helping us to be as successful as possible using the tool that they have developed. The software has helped us significantly in understanding our manufacturing costs and the real time value of our inventory. They went above and beyond what I would have expected to help us.

BooJee Beads

As a manufacturing engineer for over 25 years, I have been in search of a reasonably priced ERP/MRP/etc. solution with robust features. My small business cannot afford large, overbearing G/L, A/P packages that pay little, if any, attention to the production process, especially inventory control. Fishbowl Inventory changed ALL that. They provide wonderful features that many larger, much more expensive packages offer: Bill of Materials (with configurable option order entry capability), Automatic Work Order generation, Real time Inventory Controls, extensive Reporting capabilities, and they integrate right into QuickBooks. Value is the name of the game with my small business, and Fishbowl Inventory scores a hole-in-one. Wonderfully attentive support staff, constant improvements based on customer feedback and a robust product - all at a great value. Highly recommended.

Caliper Club Works















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